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 |  Mar 24 2011, 8:00 AM

Chevy’s had some entertaining commercials as of late, from a memorable Super Bowl spot for the new Camaro this year, to last year’s ‘America still builds rockets‘ Corvette ad. Well, the boys at Chevy’s marketing agency quietly introduced a new ad for the ‘Vette over the weekend during the 12 Hours of Sebring race.

In case you missed it, the ad touts the Corvette ZR1′s capability and awesome horsepower, commenting that in order to keep things fair on the track when competing with Porsches and Ferraris, they were asked to dial-down the power – 168-hp to be exact.

Unfortunately for Chevy, they only managed to place third and fourth in class, and it wasn’t a Porsche or Ferrari who beat them, but a BMW.

[Source: CorvetteBlogger]

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  • Quinn McNamara

    Lol. Nice one Chevy. Then you got spanked by a 400-hp BMW M3.


    The VETTE would have won SEBRING but those sissy europeans had to complain about how it was unfair. Oh well truth being a Z06 would smoke that 400HP BWM so take that…..