Dual-Clutch Transmission On New Fiesta Has Issues, Ford Is Trying To Fix The Issue Quietly

Dual-Clutch Transmission On New Fiesta Has Issues, Ford Is Trying To Fix The Issue Quietly

The new Ford Fiesta has been well received by both the members of the press and the buying public. However, some who have spent their hard earned on a new Fiesta aren’t exactly having the time of their lives.

According to reports, some Fiesta owners have been complaining about the dual-clutch automatic transmission. The so-called PowerShift transmission, which is built in a joint venture by Ford and Getrag in Mexico, has been causing its owners some headaches. Some owners have complaied about hard shifts, while others have spoken out about the transmission not shifting up at all at higher speeds.

According to a report, one Fiesta just would not engage drive after the owner reversed it, with the defect occuring after just 10 days of ownership. Ford said they would have to replace the entire transmission, but since none are in the country, the customer has been waiting for two-weeks.

Let’s hope these issues are soon resolved, because as small cars go, the Fiesta is a pretty neat, when it works.

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Soakee

    The solution: buy the 5-speed instead.

  • Tim Klingengberg

    Well my Ford Fiesta had less then 1800 miles on it when the transmission started chattering while holding a steady traffic speed of 30 MPH after it warmed up. Now it does it bad between 30 and 55 MPH, still after it is warmed up. It’s nine with its cold. Also twice after putting 2900 miles on the car, the transmission would not release when trying to stop at a stop light. It drove me through a red light, TWICE. It was as if I was driving a manual transmission car and forgot to put the clutch in. Scared me to death, but I am forced to keep driving it. Took it to Kline Motors, a Ford dealership in Winfield KS. They said they worked on it for 2 hours and charged me over $175 and did absolutely NOTHING except tell me the transmission need replaced for $5200. For 2 hours work they did not even up-date the computer that drives the transmission. I bet they mechanic never even touched it. Ford will not cover it because the car was in a very minor fender bender and the title was marked rebuilder. What a cop out. What ticks me off about Kline’s is I told them I re-built the car, which was nothing more than a front bumper cover and AC lines for the most part and all the parts were OEM parts. I asked Kline’s to check the VIN to make sure Ford would cover it and they said it would still be covered to 36,000 miles. Why the car was flagged by the insurance company I have no idea, but Ford is sure using it as an excuse not to touch it.

    In any case I got a piece of crap Ford Fiesta that I am scared to death to drive but for now am stuck with it every day, and every day wondering if it’s going to drive me through another intersection to get hit by someone. If I was Ford I would be scared to death with these cars on the road. This should be a safety issue and the NTSB should force them to make a re-call on them for safety reasons.

    So, does anyone have any ideas on what parts I need to replace to fix this transmission? I sure can’t afford a new one at $5200. That is crazy.

  • Lynnsiea

    Bought my 2011 Fiesta in Dec. 2012. Took it in for service in February due to the Check Engine light was on. Turns out the transmission needed to be replaced. The dealership had the car for 6 weeks!!! Picked the car up and two weeks later the check engine light was back on!! This time it was the exhaust manifold, gaskets and misc. other stuff. Just got the car back this morning (5/18). Lets see how long I go without taking it back in for service. I will never buy another Ford!

  • Fiesta XTR

    I am from Malaysia and my Fiesta XTR is 8 months old with 7300 km on the odometer. A few days back I experienced that the car chatters during the change from 1st gear to 2nd gear. At first I thought it was just due to a low acceleration but unfortunately, it happened again when the gas pedal is pressed hard. Well, drove the car back home and kept it for two days before taking it out for a spin. First 10 minutes were very fine but then, the same thing happened again, this time there was this loud crushing noise from the transmission side. I immediately pulled over but did not find anything amiss. Continued driving and the noise kept on coming when ever I accelerated. Called the dealer and he told me that the transmission need a new program down loaded. Wonder if this will solve this issue? I will be taking the car back to the dealership in 2 weeks time as it is located in the southern side . By the way, if anyone out there having the same problem as mine, and have the issues rectified, please kindly share with me on the corrective actions taken. I can be contacted at email : loverboy496_9@yahoo.com. Thank You.

  • raptorclans

    unfortunately that’s only available for the base model… and with the recent facelift, there isn’t even a manual option anymore