Ford F-150 V6 Now Makes Up 35% Of Sales

Ford F-150 V6 Now Makes Up 35% Of Sales

The last V6-powered Ford F-150 was sold to the public in 2008, and only 11% of sales were made up of the smaller-engined trucks. Three years later, and Ford’s gamble to offer not one but two V6s in America’s best-selling vehicle seems to be paying dividends, with 35% of F-150’s sold coming with either the base 3.7L V6 or the 3.5L  Ecoboost turbo engine.

Part of it can be attributed to the rising gas prices felt throughout the year. The 3.7L F-150 is classified as the most fuel-efficient full-size truck, with a 17/23mpg EPA rating. Ford also claims that the Ecoboost is selling like hotcakes, but didn’t give any data to back up the claim. With the V6s selling strong, there may be a shift to smaller engines in trucks, now that the mental barrier of requiring a V8 in a pickup seems to be dismantled among consumers.

[Source: KickingTires]


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