Ford On Pace To Outsell General Motors In March

Ford On Pace To Outsell General Motors In March

While we won’t have final March sales numbers until Thursday evening, but for the first time since February of 2010, Ford looks set to beat GM in sales figures, with 210,000 units sold.

GM won’t fare so badly, with a projected 208,000 cars and trucks moved in March. GM’s slump – and Ford’s success – has been attributed to a reduction on incentives by the General, and Ford’s bump in factory money. GM was previously the industry leader in incentives.

While Japanese automakers like Toyota, Honda and Nissan reported strong showings, the natural disasters in Japan may prove to be a thorn in their side, and Edmunds has already reported a downturn in sales for March, based on these events, as well as higher gas prices.

[Source: Edmunds]

  • Detfan

    Its a shame to make a headline that hasn’t happened yet. If GM sells 15,000 more than Ford in March, will there be a whoops! article, or will readers be left thinking that Ford is on a roll and GM is declining?