FT-86 II Concept: Behind the Scenes With Toyota’s New Sports Car [Gallery and Video]

FT-86 II Concept: Behind the Scenes With Toyota’s New Sports Car [Gallery and Video]

After unveiling the FT-86 II Concept at the Geneva Auto Show at the start of the month, Toyota has just released an extensive selection of photos, and even a video, from a “behind the scenes” photo shoot with the car.

The photos give a better look at the rear-drive sports car, with the usually poor auto show lighting (combined with the fact that it was a black car on a white background) made getting decent pics in Geneva difficult.

No official details are yet available, but the car is expected to be powered by a 4-cylinder boxer engine making around 200-hp. The design of this second concept is also said to be much closer to the production version that will debut this Fall at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-86 II Concept

FT-86 II Concept 08.jpgFT-86 II Concept 10.jpgFT-86 II Concept 04.jpgFT-86 II Concept 01.jpgFT-86 II Concept 12.jpgFT-86 II Concept 09.jpg

See video of the behind the scenes photo shoot after the jump and get more FT-86 news and info at FR-SForum.com:

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  • Dan

    Awesome car. One of the first American Jet Fighters with serious threat capabilities occured in the Korean War. It was the F-86. This F-86II
    [F(Toyota)-86(the second)] has some design Q’s of it insiration. Check the front air dam for example. If you could bring both sides of the front air “Intake” together you would have the F-86 signature intake. That was a fast plane, I hope this car lives up to it’s namesake.
    Dan Stuart

  • jesse

    this is an awesome car, i love the way it look very agresive, in fact i saw it on the street the other day and i dont know why if its not been release…. i know that thr onky i saw was this one in white color…. but there is a great disappointment that ive learn anout toyota…… I DONT LIKE THE FACT THAT TOYOTA IS MORE WORRY ABOUT LOOKS, THRN PERFOMANCE. this car is a beast, but 200hp???? is not enought for a car like this. toyota keep using the same engines on cars. 1.8 on corollas s models??? 2.4 on corollas XRS???? 2.4 and 2.5 on scion???? yea does engines must be big, but perfomance wise, its wack, 167 and 180hp its very slow. i have a scion and 167hp is a disappointment. honda civic has a better perfomance to 207hp STOCK….. this is a shame.

  • Quinn McNamara

    If it’s got more power then no one can afford it. A Lotus Elise doesn’t make 200-hp and it’s an AMAZING machine.

    Just look at your tC. It’s MUCH cheaper than the Civic Si and performs like it too.

  • Rick

    STILL hoping the engineers ditch the subaru engine.