G-Power Tunes BMW M3 GTS to 720-HP

G-Power Tunes BMW M3 GTS to 720-HP

As if improving on BMW‘s M3 wasn’t enough with the M3 GTS, German tuner G-Power has gone on to improve the raw and track-ready machine further. G-Power is proud to announce the arrival of their first three G-Power BMW M3 GTS models, pumping up the 4.4L V8 from 450-hp to all new heights: 720-hp.

Stroking the motor and increasing its displacement by 10-percent was only the beginning for G-Power, as they went on to install a modified SK II CS Sporty Drive supercharger to the larger powerplant. And to keep up with the abuse the supercharger provides, G-Power also shoves in low compression pistons into the block while they’re in there increasing the displacement.

No pricing was announced but you can bet the combined package costs as much as a stock M3.



[Source: GT Spirit]