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 |  Mar 02 2011, 8:20 AM

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Infiniti‘s new Etherea concept is at the same time an incredible niche-market vehicle, while also trying very hard to be a car for the everyman. Part, hatchback, but with coupe styling, it’s also part crossover with a raised ride height, while even featuring a little practical hatchback thrown in for good measure. Let’s not forget that as an Infiniti it’s a luxury car and (yes, there’s an “and”) it’s also a hybrid.

Designed to attract younger luxury buyers, the Etherea is powered by a 2.5-liter V6 engine, mated to a supercharger and an electric motor. Making 245-hp, it uses the same twin-clutch setup as found in the Infiniti M Hybrid.

Infiniti tout the Etherea’s functionality, although there’s no mention of cargo room – an area where Infiniti SUVs and crossovers have always been lacking in.

Taking Infiniti’s already bold design language a step across the line, it’s not what we’d call ‘a looker’, however, knowing Infiniti its sure to make up for ‘out-there’ styling with driving dynamics that are hard to resist.

GALLERY: Infiniti Etherea Concept

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