Geneva 2011: Volkswagen Bulli Is A 21st Century Microbus

Geneva 2011: Volkswagen Bulli Is A 21st Century Microbus

In Germany, the Volkswagen Microbus was affectionately known as the “Bulli”, proving that terms of endearment and the German language aren’t always compatible. While Volkswagen had a false start with their Microbus concept in 2001, the same idea is back 10 years later, and it manages to be even more contemporary while still providing Baby Boomers with a hefty shot of nostalgia.

With an 85 kilowatt motor capable of returning 300 kilometers per charge, the Bulli may not be suitable for following Phish across the U.S.A, but its zero emissions drivetrain will definitely resonate with eco-conscious citizens who smell like bong water. VW is said to be investigating more conventional engines as well.

The usual super-modern infotainment systems, including iPad integration, an audio system designed by guitar maker Fender. One throwback is the front bench seat, a feature not seen since the days when kids could afford to buy a new Volkswagen, one that came with an air-cooled engine at that.

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  • Bob Greene

    I like it. Gas or electric it would be a good one.

  • John Talbott

    Even though it is electric it come new smelling like patchulli and motor oil and have difficulty going up hills.

  • Danny Tse

    Recent Toyota Avalon had front bench seats

  • Chad

    Why does modern design have to look so hideous? I wouldn’t want to be driven to my own funeral in that ugly looking thing.

  • CopperBot

    I liked the 2001 concept a whole lot more…