Geneva 2011: Volkswagen Cabriolet Is A Car For Girls Who Wanna Have Fun

Geneva 2011: Volkswagen Cabriolet Is A Car For Girls Who Wanna Have Fun

The Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet has always been a 4-wheeled shot of estrogen, and the new car, is no exception. While at first glance the Golf Cabrio looks identical identical to the Volkswagen Eos, the two cars have a couple key differences.

The Cabrio shuns the complex folding hardtop used on the Eos in favor of a traditional fabric roof. The soft top can be dropped in 9.5 seconds, and allows for greater trunk space. The two cars have an identical wheelbase and interior dimensions, but the Eos is longer overall.

Volkswagen hasn’t commented on whether we’ll see the Golf Cabriolet in America, but it seems to us that the Cabrio and Eos are a bit like the Scirocco and the Golf GTI – two cars that are too similar for their own good to be sold in a relatively small market like America. We can’t say we’re too choked up, and if VW was going to bring a low-volume specialty car, we’d much rather have the Scirocco than this sorority girl special.

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  • Yo momma said

    We gotta have a balanced review here.

    Maybe (maybe!!) not the gasoline powered ones, but what kind of sorority girl special comes in high-torque TDI!?

  • Rich

    I agree for a need for a balanced review. Firstly, the Golf far out strips the Eos in terms of being a well-reviewed car (the “recommended” Golf scores 85 out of 100 on Consumer Reports, while the Eos only scores 78 and is NOT recommended), and also in terms of sales. I would NOT buy a Eos, but I would wait in line to buy the 2011 Cabrio (which is essentially a Golf with the roof cut off). I still own a 1997 Cabrio, and would love an updated version. A quick story to go along with the childish tone of the story: When looking at the Cabrio in 1997, the salesman actually said to me: “You know this is a chick-car, right?” To which I respondedy “And do you sell manh of these cars to guys with that line, you idiot?” And no, I didn’t buy it… from HIM, anyway. I’m not only secure enough in my manhood to drive such a car and not drown in a sea of imagined estrogen, but also man enough to know a good buy when I see one regardless of the immature attitudes of those selling them – or reviewing them as above. Grow up, Mr. Kreindler.