GM Offers Car Giveaway through OnStar

GM Offers Car Giveaway through OnStar

General Motors has announced that it will be having a car giveaway sweepstakes through its OnStar division. From March 15 until May 31, if you have access to an OnStar equipped vehicle (that’s right, you don’t even need to be a subscriber), you can enter the contest, simply by pushing the OnStar button.

Once the sweepstakes has ended, GM will then select 10 winners, who will each be awarded a brand new Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick or GMC car or truck of their choosing.

Everything the company builds for sale in the US (apart from the Chevy Volt) is included in the sweepstakes contest, from the Buick Regal and GMC Terrain, to the Chevy Corvette ZR1 and Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon.

So if you’re interested and fancy winning a new GM car; get pressing now!

[Source: Autoblog]

  • Dorothy Pratt

    I would like the address or information to enter the Onstar car giveaway either by mail or online.

    Thank you.

  • debbie

    Hand-print your complete name, address, city, state, zip/postal code, email address, date of birth and phone number on a 3″x5″ piece of paper and mail your entry via first-class mail in a No. 10 business-size envelope with sufficient postage to: “ONSTAR PUSH-ON SWEEPSTAKES,” P.O. Box 1202, Franklin, TN 37065. One entry per outer envelope. Mail-in entries must be postmarked by May 31, 2011, and must be received by June 6, 2011. Limit three (3) entries per person, regardless of entry method. No pre-printed entry forms allowed. Proof of mailing does NOT constitute proof of receipt. LIMIT ONE ENTRY VIA THE BLUE ONSTAR BUTTON PER VEHICLE.

  • gloria

    Can you enter more than once? Where are the rules?

  • George

    I think u should only be able to enter if u have onstar in ur car thats the giveaways promotion.Onstar started in 2007 people who are entering by mail are probaly driving a dodge ,I use to own a dodge it was a hunk a junk i would never buy a dodge again.Now my wife and i drive a ponitac g8 and we would never trade it in we love it always drove a gm and always will.

  • Jasmine

    @George In the beginning of your comment you said that you used to drive a Dodge and it was a hunk of junk, then at the end of your comment you said “always drove a GM and always will.” You’re saying that only GM customers with Onstar should be allowed to enter. Well what if you were still driving your Dodge? If a GM is preferred in your book, then wouldn’t you want to enter the contest also, so you could get a better car? Oh and Onstar was formed in 1995, and was introduced in some GM models in 1996. Before you make rude comments and judge get your facts and your story straight…

  • Trish

    I drive a 2003 Pontiac Montana equipped with Onstar.






    that vettis my dreaN CAR MY HEART PONS WINN I SEE IT,GREAt job GM

  • George

    Love my OnStar used it on our Christmas trip from Arizona to the east coast on back. Worked like a charm; execpt for the weather. It did snow the whole trip.

  • Brenda

    I had a car with the on star but because of a DWI driver I no longer have it. It was the limited # 3 Monte Carlo . It was being towed on a car trailer when a DWI driver ran in the back of it and totaled it out. I would love to own another Chev. car.

  • john sweet

    i have an 06 sts 4 caddy and love it a new one would be great either vette or escalade

  • chris brown

    can u play without having on star. i couldn’t find rules

  • Lonny

    I hear that Chev is going to be putting out 69 ZL 1 Camero’s in the 2011 production. I think I would choose one of them or yes the ctsv or ZR-1 and I almost think that would be the order of choice too…

  • tk

    Hey George! Don’t be hatin the non-onstar people. I drive a Dodge….a Dodge Viper. We also have 3 GM trucks with onstar so I guess that means I’m not all bad.


    When I clicked to get to your web page about winning a new GM car. I never could get a form to fill out to try to win. Could you send me an e-mail telling me how to do so!

    Sincerely, Roy M. Giles

  • Gary Lovell

    Please send a link directing me to info about signing up online.

  • steve maxey

    Please send a link directing me to info about signing up online.

  • michael

    please enter me in sweepstakes give away

  • Ramona Hooper Blackmon

    Enter me in the sweepstakes. Thanks

  • thomas

    i have own 9 G m cars the lost one is in the garage need a engine and i can,t buy a car know that i am on disability so i need a car plane and strat ore a engine for my 1998 lumina.thank you.

  • Myrna Shoulder

    I am looking forward to winning a new car for my daughter because she is a single parent.I love my LaCrosse

  • jim t. chumley

    i’m trying to enter the sweepstakes but i don’t own a gm product. please
    tell me how to enter.i have owned gm products my whole life, i just
    don’t happen to own one at the present.

  • Elizabeth Duncan

    Suburbans are my thing. Had a ’72 then an ’87 a ’95 Diesel with injector pump problems. I now still have the ’87 with nearly 300,000 miles an same engin still a great Suburban an still used a lot. I have an ’04 Yukon XL great suburban but not the suburban the ’87 is. We used the ’87 to tow a traval trailer all over the US an Canada just having fun the ’87 just seems to be a work horse. The 04 Yukon XL is just different an it should be its more plush. I would love to win one of your vehicles. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • sandy oatman

    want to enter sweepstakes for car

  • norma

    I have a 2004 CTS my on star is not in use. I pressed my blue button to enter and it said only about suscribing to the on star What are you to do to enter the contest? I would love to win a new cadillac. I love my 2004. Thx.

  • Henry Osler

    I went to Deal. I can not enter by pushing On Star in a car.
    It will enter the owner Only. I want to enter

  • Garth

    Send the link to the OnStar car give away. thank you

  • Richard Barrett


  • Rhonda

    This would make my summer. Well i have to have brain surgury in one week and my son has to go live with his dad for 6 weeks. My Grandson will be be 4 in June.

  • Kate Lloyd

    I would love to win this vehicle for me and my two kids, we have a chevy cavelier and the elctronic panal has went out on it and I can not afford to repair it, becuase I am a full time student and work, but all my money goes to keep us going every month.

  • Johnny Smith

    Iam born,fed,and breed GM and i would love a new pickup !

  • otis

    need a new chev. pickup

  • Michael Anderson

    Time to replace my old car with a new one. Hope I am luckly next week!!

  • Jeannine Allen

    I’d like to be entered to when a new Chevy pickup or car. I don’t have a vehicle right now with onstar button. Please consider me for a vehicle we need a new truck to tow our RV this summer & will let everyone we know at home & on the road that you gave to us!! Thanks for your consideration!!

  • Jeannine Allen

    I have a very close friend that has cancer & her last wish is to go see old friends all over the US. But her Chevy Malibu is having mechinal problems & she is unable to get it fixed right now. My wish for her is to be able to win a new car through this onstar giveaway. Her onstar button didn’t work when she tried it either. Please consider my friends last request!! Thanks!!!

  • Ruth Ann Barron

    I have bought GM cars for as long as I can remember and in 2006 bought my first Buick(Lucerne)that has OnStar……great vehicle, comfortable ride and comfort of mind.

  • Ms.S.Boyd

    I have never had a New Vehicle in my life, but if chosen I as a of of 10, would like a Cadillac Escalade,cadillac 2-door coupe , a 3oo E, Malibou fully loaded, @ last but least a Corvette.

    Thank You
    Pls lv message

  • joyce

    I have an 05 Lacrosse and Ilove it I once owned a cadillac but Iwould choose a Lacrosse any day they are so luxiorus and I just feel good when I’m driving it.It would really be a blessing to be choosen as the winner of a new GM vihicle

  • ed o.

    Who were the winners in the new vehicle give away?

  • Kim

    I was told to log on to to get the list of winners of the 10 car give away from Onstar/GM contest. But can not find it listed. Please let me know where to find it.
    Thank you.

  • Juanita

    Where do I find out if I am a winner of the car give away?
    I have gone online and can’t find the list.

  • Franklin Holmes

    Where do I find out if Iam a winner of the car give away?
    I have gone online and cant find the list. please let me know where to find it.

  • Alice Cline

    I really need to win one of these vehicles. I have been struggling since jan 01, 2007, when I suffered a stroke and a brain anuerysm that forced me to retire early. My income is limited so therefore I can not afford a vehicle. This would really be awesome if I could win. However, If I do not win, I will stilll be just as happy for whomever wins.

  • Linda

    So where is the list of winners. Still can not find it.

  • Michelle

    When can I expect my new car that I truly need.Please send me how to apply for the giveaway.

  • catherine sanchez

    i have never owned a brand new car in my would be the best thing to happen to me in a very long time..its been yrs of downhill struggle and heartbreak..expecially a GM or CHEVY.. although in my experience cadillac has always been a whole new experience in driving..not just a car a way of life..what a dream that would be..please give me some good news, i could really use it, more that you can ever know..thank i have to figure out this contest..catherine sanchez

  • catherine sanchez

     i’m also a disabled widow and am on a fixed income..could really use a dependable car..thanks for this chance to help me with a little peace of mind..still not sure how to enter the sweepstakes,,please help me by replying as to how i can get onboard with this..sincelery catherine sanchez

  • Stephapoo68

    OMGosh ! A chance to win a CAMARO ? My dream come true. Ever sense I was in middle school & going to Rod Runs with parents, i’ve wanted a Camaro. It was always a dream of mine to someday have a 68 Camaro, but the new ones that have come out look so much like the old ones that I believe I would rather have one of the new ones. I always said I would have me one by the age of 35 but here I am 43 & still dont have one. Being a female & loving the old Camaro’s no one takes me seriously on how much I apreciate a good looking car. Yes, I hope my name gets picked. I so much much want to be driving me a new CAMARO….

  • Daniellericce

    I am a single mom i would love to win a car i am a cna of 15 years i love caring for others due to a freak accident to my right hand that i right i am out of work due to 6 months of therapy i have the ok to work. I catch the bus and carry groceries and laundry its hard with one good hand. My e mail is

  • David

    Hello My Name is David Quintana and I am writing  to you because I am not sure if you can or
    can’t help out here?  My   Brother Served in the Navy for 12 years.
    He  is my Hero and my best friend right
    after he  got out he started a new  mission taking care of me!  I have a heart problem and I take one to many
    meds, My Brother makes sure that I eat right and don’t sneek  in junk food he makes sure that I take my
    meds and that I get enough sleep he is on duty 24/7 watching over me and I am
    greatful for that and love him so much he is the best. He works at a Radio
    Shack part time pays the rent, buys the food pays for my meds and I know
    sometimes  when  food is low he goes with out so that I can
    eat and that’s not right. My Brother is going to start Collage on the  24 of this month sure the GI bill is going to
    pay for it and all and that’s great but theres 
    another problem you see. No car! He takes the bus to and from work every
    day and any other place he needs to go the school is about 8 miles away on bus,
    but the bus leaves him down on the hill and he has to walk up it 3 miles to get
    to the school sure someone might pick him up and that’s great and all but if
    its raining and all he is soak . well to make a long story short we only have
    each other we don’t know much people here in Glenwood Springs Colorado we don’t
    even have a phone less a pre paid on we use the landlord phone that’s tied to
    the fax machine , and that’s a pain you know where. I don’t know if you have
    connection or not to  people that can
    donate a car to him I have e mail every VA 
    place that says they can help and yet time is getting closer and closer
    for him to start school is there any way that you can help? Please I beg you

    Here is our address

    2600 S Oak Hurst Ct #14

    Glenwood Springs Co
    e mail

    Thank you for taking the 
    time and reading  my email

  • jennie lopez

    Hi, my name is Jennie, I would love to win to provide transportation for disabled niece and her sister whose lost their Mom to cancer, then lost their Dad 8 months later. A new vehicle would be so appreciated for these girls who have lost so much in such a little time.