Honda Cuts Back North American Production

Honda Cuts Back North American Production

Due to continuing parts supply problems from Japan, in the wake of the Earthquake and Tsunami; Honda has announced that it is cutting back production of vehicles in North America.

Honda, whose Tochigi operations were badly hampered by the quake; has said that while some of its part suppliers are now up and running again; others have still to resume operations.

As result of ongoing supply chain issues, the company announced to US and Canadian Employees on March 30th, that it would be reducing production output at North American plants. A source said that the Alliston, plant in Ontario, Canada, would cut production from approximately 700 vehicles per day to 400; numbers for other facilities weren’t available at post time.

Honda has said that it is doing everything it can to keep plants operational without extensive interruptions and is working toward resuming full production capacity.

[Source: Honda News]