Honda Plug-In Hybrid Targeting 15 Miles of Emissions Free Driving

Honda Plug-In Hybrid Targeting 15 Miles of Emissions Free Driving

Honda is said to be targeting a 15 mile emissions free range for its upcoming plug-in hybrid.

At the recent Geneva Auto Show, the Japanese auotmaker showcased a mock-up of the Plug-In Hybrid architecture, but was mum on details. What is known is that the new system is a leap-forward from the current Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) mild-hybrid. The new plug-in hybrid powertrain will be a full hybrid, allowing operation in both electric and gasoline modes, as well as a combined mode. That electric only stage will reach as far as 15 miles, according to comments made by Honda at the recent International Rechargeable Battery Expo in Tokyo.

The powertrain itself uses a lithium-ion battery pack, which is mated to a 4-cylinder gasoline engine. Designed to work in mid-size vehicles, it is believed Honda will debut in new Plug-In Hybrid system in the next Accord.

[Source: Automotive News via Motor Trend]

  • Jason M.

    Nice one Honda. At least you can try and do hybrids right…. your regular cars are really starting to suck.

  • Ryan

    Actually, how is this even a worthy attempt by Honda? 15 miles on electric charge is worse than even the American plug in hybrids…and supposedly they know “next to nothing” about this sort of tech.

  • Barry Grant

    I am waiting patiently for the Plug In Hybrid. Why not come out with a new branding like Honda Rapier with a nice sword badge. The insight Hatch back seem to be the car that impresses me,However you must put all the latest technological Instrumentation especially I Phone fitting in it . The Insight VT1-L is an exceptionally nice car and with Plug In would make me rush to buy one (The Accord is old fashioned design)