Hyundai To End ‘Job Loss Protection’

Hyundai To End ‘Job Loss Protection’

Back in 2009; when the US economy collapsed following a housing market meltdown and many Americans lost their jobs, Hyundai launched a new marketing campaign ‘Assurance,’ which included a Job Loss Protection clause, that promised buyers their money back on a new car if they lost their jobs.

The program was actually administered through a third party; EFG Co Inc.; who recently said that Job Loss Protection will be eliminated by the start of April;  though buyers who purchase a new Hyundai through the March 31st will still be eligible.

As to why it’s being cancelled, Hyundai’s head of US operations Dave Zuchkowski said of Job Loss Protection “it was very topical for the times and really resonated in 2009, but in the meantime we’ve really broadened Assurance to mean more than job loss.”

The automaker will continue to push the Assurance campaign but with an emphasis on warranty offerings, including a 10-year; 100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty and 5-year roadside assistance.

[Source: Automotive News]