Hyundai’s Blue2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

Hyundai’s Blue2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

Hyundai began showing a new hydrogen fuel-cell concept car today at the Seoul Motor Show. Called the Blue2, its name is a merging of Blue Drive, Hyundai’s environmentally conscious sub brand, and H2, which is the symbol for hydrogen.

Also code named the HDN-6, it is a luxury car featuring around 121 horsepower, and delivering 82 MPG of hydrogen consumption. The car shows Hyundai’s desire to gain a competitive edge, and continued commitment to this technology that allows hydrogen energy to turn an electric drive system.

The Blue2 also utilizes low rolling resistance tires and lightweight alloy wheels, and features “future concept” styling merging sporty lines with efficiency.

Among the gadgets on the Blue2 are a system to recognize and welcome the driver by opening a self-opening door. Drivers are further coddled by wider-than-usual seats for easier ingress and egress.

The Blue2 has no rear-view mirrors, relying instead on cameras displaying images on a screen. The car displays info on an LED monitor using “Transparent Organic” technology, said to be more vivid.

Climate control includes an ionizing system to clean air as it circulates through the interior.

[Source: WorldCarFans]