Infiniti Cuts Manual Tranmission from European Lineup

Infiniti Cuts Manual Tranmission from European Lineup

From Europe to Japan it seems like everyone gets better versions of cars than we do here in North America. Whether it’s a higher-performance Subaru WRX STI, a V-Spec GT-R or a Mercedes SL65 Black Series that weights 200-lbs less than ours because of carbon-fiber seats that don’t meet our safety regulations.

But now, if you’re the proud owner of an Infiniti G37 6MT, you can either call a random 75-digit European phone number and taunt whoever picks up at the other end, or you can express your sincerest sympathies. Why? Because those usually-lucky Europeans don’t get to enjoy any Infiniti model with a stick shift.

That’s right, in a region of the world where manuals are more common than automatics, the luxury brand has decided not to offer a stick shift, despite it being available in every other market Infiniti sells in.

So if you do own a stick-shift Infiniti, cherish it, because while we might miss out on a lot of cool cars, this one we get to enjoy.


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