Kia Recalling 70,000 Optimas for Transmission Issue

Kia Recalling 70,000 Optimas for Transmission Issue

If you own a 2006-2008 Kia Optima sedan, there’s a good chance that it might need to be recalled. The automatic transmission features a cable for the shifter mechanism and according to the automaker, said cable could detach, causing the car to remain in gear even if the driver moves the shifter into park.

Obviously that’s a bit of problem and could cause a bit of damage to both the Optima and nearby surroundings, especially if the parking brake isn’t engaged, which it seldom is in most cases.

However, Kia also says that so far, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not recorded any instances of injuries resulting from the problem.

Although an official start date for the recall has yet to be announced, it will likely be sometime next month.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

  • Anders Richarson

    Those old Kias really were junk.

  • Sydney Smith

    This recall is really amazing as it states on the recall for model years 2006-2008. On 4/23/2011 my daughter purchased a new 2011 Optima EX, it showed 39 miles on it when we took it for a test drive, she really liked the vehicle as it fit her very good as she is not a tall person and so she decided this was the one. Completed all the paper work and drove off the dealer lot to her home, she put a total of 29 additional miles on the way and all of a sudden terrible sounds like snapping metal, the car jerking, shuddering etc, got stopped, then procceeded to drive off the engine raised RPMs very high and slamed into gear only to almost nose dive, like dropping in to low gear at 50 miles per hour. We got the car to her home and parked it and I am like most and men I popped the hood to check the transmission fluid, to my amazement no dip stick, what is this??? crawled underneath for a look no leaks. so go to the manual and find that the transmission for all practical purposes is a sealed unit. Regardless of what some people have stated that it is mechanical and things wear out and fail, but I truly beleive it is a disgrace for a new vehicle with a total of 69 miles completely have the transmission grind it self to junk. Yes I want my daughter to have a New car as that is what she paid for and expected and not a rebuilt one at only 69 miles. She will never have a comfort zone anymore, as just waiting for to jerking and shuddering to start again. Maybe KIA Corporation will extend the warranty period to 15 years for some piece of mind. To add to the frustation the dealership after our calls and telling them the problem they sent a person with a car for her use will they were going to return hers to the dealership, now get this we told them the transmission was damaged and could not be driven, but the person stated I will go ahead and drive it back, at this point i told him if he gets behind the steering wheel to drive off the dealership will own the car as he will completely destroy what is left of the transmission and cause most probale engine problems, so he decided to have the car loaded and hauled in, smart right!!!.