Lamborghini Enthusiast Builds Incredible Underground Garage [with video]

Lamborghini Enthusiast Builds Incredible Underground Garage [with video]

When you’ve got luxury and exotic cars filling up your garage and your driveway, sometimes you have to get creative to store your most prized possessions. This collector of fine automobiles got really creative, finding a way to house two of his Lamborghinis since his other two were, well you know, taking up the driveway.

To some it might be awesome enough to have a McLaren stored in your garage, alongside two Lamborghinis in your driveway. But for this avid enthusiast that needed a way to store two more Lamborghinis, he built an underground garage that simply lifts the driveway to reveal his collection. So at any point in time when he wants to show off, the driveway is lifted and magically another two Lamborghinis are revealed.

Jealous? We sure are. Imagine the other things you could store in an underground garage.

Check out the video after the break.

[Source: 0-60 Mag]

  • Nray

    There isn’t much you will be able to store underground and you certainly would not do this and you would not get any planning permission in the world to do so because it collapse the house and all around. The word  damp comes to mind and this is a fake video where probably people with relatives from bray studios in the UK that used to work on “The Thunderbirds” had the knowledge of camera depth deception!!! Step back and look at the video knowing that the driveway is in your near view and the house is in your far view and realising the cars are just scale models!!! A great giveaway is that you are listening to a small electrical servo and the real noise of something that could power this would be deafening!!!!  Great video though!! – Jezstix

  • OrangeJIm123

    To the absolute idiot who had the audacity to comment on this garage, you have no idea what you are talking about. As I personally have the knowledge of this garage, as it is within my front garden. It is real and it is awesome so no to your comment. Look it up on youtube you idiot.

  • JoeMaMa

    Build pics of the garage on Picasso. You might want to spend as much time investigating as spouting off unfounded comments.,authkey:Gv1sRgCP7-z-i_yJjxAQ