Lexus CT200h Demand in Europe Looks to Match Automaker’s High Expectations

Lexus CT200h Demand in Europe Looks to Match Automaker’s High Expectations

While a niche-market vehicle in North America, designed more to help rebrand the stale luxury marque than to create revenue, the CT200h is the car Lexus is counting on in Europe.

At the vehicle’s launch at the Paris auto show, execs commented that they were expecting this one model to double the brand’s sales in Europe. While a seemingly astronomical feat, one must remember that most Lexus vehicles are large and expensive, meaning they either aren’t great for European roads, or they’re expensive enough that the target demographic isn’t likely to budge from their German buying habits. The CT, however, is ideally packaged and priced to appeal to a younger European buyer.

Better yet, thanks to its low emissions, buyers will be able to skip-out on most of the taxes levied on the car’s competitors.

Sales of the car haven’t hit full swing, but if the orders being placed by local importers are any indication, then the CT might just be the hit Lexus was hoping for. According to Dutch news­pa­per De Telegraaf, Lexus Netherlands has ordered 1,000 of the vehicles. While shy of the 1,500 Lexus hopes to move in the country this year, it’s a huge increase considering the total sale of all Lexus models in that country last year totaled just 700 units.

[Source: via LexusEnthusiast]

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