Lorinser Announces RSK8 Wheels for Mercedes SLS [Beautiful Photos Included]

Lorinser Announces RSK8 Wheels for Mercedes SLS [Beautiful Photos Included]

Some find it really hard to mess with perfection. But one thing we all know, no matter how expensive a vehicle is, or how exotic or luxurious it was built to be, it’s never perfect rolling off the lot. Compromises have to be made in order to appeal to a certain demographic, and that’s where the aftermarket always steps in.

For Mercedes-Benz‘s SLS AMG, many consider it to be a near perfect vehicle. And perhaps that’s true, given that the majority of the aftermarket has done minimal modifications to it in their offerings. Lorinser has also joined the fray, but by simply only offering a staggered set of wheels for the SLS.

The RSK8 design wheels comes in a staggered fitment with 20×9.5-inchers up front while the rear packs a 21×11-inch pair. Lorinser recommends to match the front wheels with a 275/30/20 tires while the rears should be paired with 295/25/21 tires.

Lorinser is also quick to announce that the RSK8 wheels are one of the lightest wheels on the market, reducing weight and rotational mass on the vehicle; improving handling and acceleration as a positive side effect. Plus, they look pretty sweet.

GALLERY: Lorinser RSK8 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

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