LS1-Powered Geo Tracker Puts Originality on Notice

LS1-Powered Geo Tracker Puts Originality on Notice

Shoehorning giant engines into small cars is nothing revolutionary. The goal of achieving a ridiculous power-to-weight ratio has always been on the minds of automotive enthusiasts, and this project is a great testament to how far creativity goes. LS1 engine enthusiast, LS1Blazer on, went and swapped in a 401-hp LS1 motor into a Geo Tracker. Yes, that Geo Tracker.

The swap wasn’t a quick and easy affair either; a new rear-end and transmission had to be swapped in along with new fuel lines throughout the vehicle. It’s definitely a tight fit in an engine bay that originally housed a comparably minuscule 1.6L four-cylinder.

Another plus on the Tracker is the fact that its exterior is subtly modified. A matte black shade along with suspension mods and a set of wheels hardly hints at what’s underneath the hood. If anything, unsuspecting motorists might just stare oddly at this Tracker until they catch wind of the unmistakable rumble of an LS powerplant.

GALLERY: Corvette LS1-Powered Geo Tracker

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[Source: Jalopnik]