Mitsubishi EVO Gets the Axe, No Replacement Planned Says Mitsu Product Boss

Mitsubishi EVO Gets the Axe, No Replacement Planned Says Mitsu Product Boss

The Mitsubishi Evo series will not continue into its eleventh model, says Gayu Eusegi, global product director. He may as well have kidnapped Santa, in the minds of rally fans everywhere.

“There is still a demand,” says Eusegi, “but we must stop.” Why? Because, he says, Mitsubishi will concentrate on smaller and more environmentally-friendly cars such as the Global Small Concept, the supermini that will compete against the Toyota Aygo. In addition, Mitsubishi is going all out on EV technology by introducing eight full electric or hybrid cars by 2015.

By cutting out their motorsport heritage, Eusegi said that customers would find it “easier to understand” what Mitsubishi was about. The company pulled out of the World Rally Championship in 2005, anyway, and there’s no room for big-winged dirt heroes in their continuous quest for lowering CO2. And yes, that means no diesel Evo, either.

So prepare yourselves for the end of an era: no more Tommi Mäkinen editions, no FQ400 models with turbochargers the size of cantaloupes, and no more need for Ralliart other than a nifty tire and wheel package. At least Subaru fans will rejoice that they’ve “won” this battle with the STI, though they’ll come around to the realization that fevered competition is better than no competition at all.

[Source: Autocar]

  • jon

    Im a subaru fan, and i can honeslty say that im sad to see the evo go…yes there is that rivalry, but evo is still a badass car no denying that fact…

  • Chad

    Only an idiot would refuse to sell a product that people still want to buy and makes them a profit.

  • Tristen

    This is an interesting business choice.

    Lets admit we have a stable market for a product, deny those people the opportunity to spend $60,000 on a toy, and direct them towards another company willing to sell them what they want.

    I personally am a fan of fast cars, be it V8, turbo, boxer or inline, It makes no difference. This is just a sad day in the motoring world.

    Shame on you Mitsubishi… Bits really are missing now

  • Joe

    Dumb move mitsu. The Evo was the only offering you had worth buying. Now you have nothing. “Let’s cancel a wildly successful and profitable car in favor of building tiny little EVs that no one wants!” Sounds like the famous last words of a company that will soon be out of the car business.

  • Rob

    YOUR SACKED Eusegi!!!

  • Tony

    ^ ROB hit the nail on the head…. gtfo eusegi!!!! no one respects this atrocious decision! you have put the name of mitsubishi to shame!!! i hope you go die in a hole somewhere so you can understand the disgrace you have bought to yourself, your family, and mitsubishi… axe-ing the only car worth buying in the company is terribly stupid… now the downfall of mitsubishi is on your shoulders!

  • Bob

    Please get your balls back soon Japanese Automakers.