Mobiado’s Aston Martin Mobile Phones, Because Talk Ain’t Cheap

Mobiado’s Aston Martin Mobile Phones, Because Talk Ain’t Cheap

Canada and Britain are hooking up for new collaboration that will get you talking. Canadian luxury mobile phone maker Mobiado is teaming up with Britain’s Aston Martin to launch collection of luxury mobile phones.

Set to hit stores in May 2011, this is a phone that trend setters and fashionistas will want to keep their eyes open for. Sleek and streamlined, the phones make a luxe statement and will get your friends talking the next time you go to send someone a text.

Says Peter Bonac, President of Bonac Innovation Corp. (Mobiado): “Like Aston Martin, Mobiado prides itself on design innovation and technological excellence. We look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship, and are thrilled to be working with the prestigious Aston Martin brand.”

No word on how much this phone will cost you, but considering that both brands are considered luxury, we can bet you’ll be shelling out a pretty penny for this fashionable accessory. Will you be picking one up when they come out?

[Source: Born Rich]


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