Next-Gen Chevy Equinox to Go Global, Shrink in Size and Weight

Next-Gen Chevy Equinox to Go Global, Shrink in Size and Weight

Following an increasingly popular trend, Chevy will look to build its next-generation Equinox compact crossover on a global platform. Set to be based on the next-gen Chevy Cruze architecture, the Equinox is slated to be smaller and lighter than the current model.

Along with more efficient engines, automakers are working to reduce weight from vehicles and this new Equinox could drop as many as 300 to 400 lbs over the current model.

The global platform will also help GM save money, with this new vehicle designed to replace the current Equinox in North America, as well as the Chevrolet Captiva overseas.

Don’t expect the vehicle to shrink too much, however, with GM already planning a new lineup of sub-compact crossovers, including the rumored Buick Encore.

[Source: GMI]

  • Robert Bouskill

    The new cars are outstandingly boring. It is time to make small V8 engines out of cast iron so that they can be run more slowly and efficiently and then use the output power to drive hydraulic turbines in each wheel to gain a more efficient vehicle that does not have to be small and light to get good mileage. An example is a class 8 tractor trailer weighing forty tons getting ten miles to a gallon. Why does a two ton car only get thirty miles to a gallon. We need some engineers who think in Canada and United States to get away from the European ideas that frankly just suck! Oh yea, get rid of those big consoles that divide the car and take all the room too.