Next-Gen Mercedes C-Class Will be a Hybrid

Next-Gen Mercedes C-Class Will be a Hybrid

Mercedes is currently in the process of introducing a mid-cycle update to its C-Class range with a lineup of new engines, but the next-generation of the car will get even more dramatic changes under the hood.

According to a recent report, almost all C-Class models are set to go hybrid, with Mercedes using an electrification strategy designed to boost fuel economy for the brand. As a hybrid, the car will make use of electric assist, allowing for smaller displacement engines. Mercedes is also reportedly targeting an overall drop in curb weight by roughly 10 percent, despite the addition of heavy electronic components.

Other technology reportedly being considered includes the use of three-cylinder engines as well as a 4-cylinder motor with cylinder deactivation, allowing it to run on just two cylinders when possible.

As with the current C-Class, expect only the largest and most powerful engines available to be offered in North America. The next-generation C-Class is due out some time around 2014/15.

[Source: AutoCar]