Nissan May Add Two New Small Cars to U.S. Lineup

Nissan May Add Two New Small Cars to U.S. Lineup

Small cars are becoming more attractive in North America as gas prices continue to skyrocket, and Nissan is making plans to meet demand. According to a recent report, the Japanese automaker will add two new models to its production facilities in Mexico. Designed for sale in the Americas region, this could include the United States.

Nissan already builds the March/Micra for Latin America at the Aguascalientes plant and will soon add the next-generation Versa – both of which are built on Nissan’s new global V architecture. The two additional models will share the same underpinnings, with one being another small car and the other a “multi purpose vehicle.”

It’s possible that one of these cars could be the recently-axed model that Nissan was planning to build for distribution by Smart in the U.S. There are, however, a host of other possibilities, with the previous B-segment platform being used for everything from the Nissan Juke and Cube, to the Bluebird Sylphy sedan, the Fit-like Note MPV even the NV200 light commercial vehicle.

[Source: Automotive News via CNet]

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  • Quinn McNamara

    Do we really need more small cars? Send em to Mexico Nissan… how about a replacement for the Titan?

  • Jack Mehoff

    how about a 4 door z? that would be sweet.

  • Jeffrey

    The world is changing, and as fuel prices increase, few if any will want to fill there “Titans” at $8 or $10 a gallon. Those who have them can fill the back with dirt and make a nice planter. I have a Nissan March, CVT and have a second on order, this time the 5spd Nismo model

    They are wonderful

  • Art Riechert

    I drive a Nissan Versa Hatchback. I’m saving up for my next car and hoping it’s a Nissan Micra when my Versa wears out.