Pontiac G8 Successor Set to Launch in 2013

Pontiac G8 Successor Set to Launch in 2013

Easily the best thing to come out of the now-defunct Pontiac brand in recent memory was the G8 sports sedan – based on the Australian Commodore. Not only was it an impressive performance machine, but it gave North America a taste of just how good a job Holden is doing down under.

Looking to satisfy that appetite, General Motors will reportedly re-introduce the rear-drive sedan in 2013 as a 2014 model year car. According to GMInsideNews, internal documents regarding the development of the car (code named ‘SS Sedan’) now have it listed as an approved program.

Delayed several times, the new launch date is designed to follow with the introduction of a new Commodore in Australia.

With the Pontiac brand now gone and no indication from General Motors to revive it, look for a Chevy bowtie to grace the grille of this new rear-drive machine.

Less certain, but not entirely ruled out, are the introduction of two additional Commodore-based models for North America: the Holden Ute (El Camino?) and Holden Commodore SportWagon. The future of these two vehicles depends on the success of the sedan, as well as the effect of rising gas prices on the buying habits of consumers.

[Source: GMI]

  • Tom Donohue

    Great. It is too good a car to hold back.

  • Colum Wood

    And the next one should be even better. Time to clean out some space in the garage to make room?

  • GLo

    Typical GM crap!!!!

  • Ralph Weeks

    GLo: Are you nuts? The G8 was amazing and a new version of it will be even better. You probably drive a Dodge.

  • Geoff M.

    Always wanted the GXP version of the G8 when it came out in 2009 but the economic downturn kill that dream. I’ll be ready for this one if it ever makes it to the showrooms.

  • MightyWhitey

    I have a Pontiac G8 GXP and it’s the best NA sedan offered by any American or Japanese auto company. Hell, for the money an M3 or M5 sedan can’t touch it. The GXP smokes M3 sedans and out the difference in cost into a GXP and it runs circles around both the M3 and M5, in reverse.

  • EVO & S2K

    Nice car, but I disagree with whitey. My EVO X SE will roast it. Exhaust, downpipe, high flow cat, air filter, Cobb Accessport = sub 4 sec 0-60 and low 12s. Then there’s the handling

  • amped


    I think you fail a bit at reading…. He said NA sedan aka normally aspirated, all motor, no boost, etc…. Last time I checked the EVO is running a 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo motor unless you have a really rare version of the EVO that is not boosted…..oh yeah the Mitsubishi Lancer. LOL

  • EVO & S2K

    I though he was referencing the North American market. My apologies.

  • G8 GT

    I have an 09′ G8 GT. It was by far the biggest bang for the buck in the midsize to large sedan market. More interior volume than anything out there at the time and in my opinion, much more pleasing on the eyes and better handling than the Charger.

  • Chris

    I have the G8 V6 totally loaded out. It also has a totally tricked out suspension. It will take any BMW 3 series or 5 series with their 6 cylinder. The G8 V6 produces more HP and Torque than the Bimmer. I am tracking down a used G8 GXP 6spd MT. One heck of a car. IMO GM blew it by cancelling out the G8. Heck they should just bring them in as Holdens.

  • Fred

    I’ve driven the G8GT and can say it is a fantastic car, if not necessarily that fast. I own a GTO and know exactly what Holden is able to do. Holden knows what they’re doing and the only thing to ruin these cars is GM itself. If they bring it over as a chevy I’ll gladly shell out my hard earned cash. Up the interior a bit, cut the weight by 300lbs and throw a M6 in it. SOLD SOLD SOLD>>>>>>

  • Spike

    cannot wait until this new version comes out
    the G8 was by far the best pontiac ever made and i own a GTO
    but this new version should be even better :]

  • Mighty Whitey

    Evo & S2k, I’ve matched those times with less mods, man I almost fell asleep thinking about the Evo…Staightline, G8 GXP, twistiies EVO by a smidgen. Looks, handsdown G8 GXP. Potential, G8 GXP takes this no contest. I don’t blow so prefer natural aspiration, it’s just less faggish.

  • Bruce

    Well I own a 08 GT that I bought new, My lease is up In June, since GM killed off Pontiac, there is absolutely nothing in the GM stable as far as in the same category as the G8 GT, so the only thing that I can figure, is to keep G8, and be satisfied with it. There’s nothing like knowing that you own a domestic made V-8 powered, 4door sedan, that can smoke most everything else out there on the road and still knock down over 25 mpg on the highway, Hell It’s a keeper !!!!!!

  • 2009G8GXP

    I don’t believe that GM will bring back the Zeta platform to NA this late in its lifespan. Surely they will bring it back under the new platform. The VE is awesome but a heavy car and its front upper suspension mounts decieve sane thought. Why did they do that and with bushing that are guaranteed to colaspe to boot! WTF is up with the two piece DS that gets carrier bearing shudder after 40K miles and steering wheel shake from the factory!?

    My car isnt fast for a sports car but for a heavy sedan with only 7 lbs of boost it will still turn heads.

  • Smeg65

    im in melbourne australia and I followed one of these the last week with G8 badged and the black bras to try and hide it looked good and sounded great couldnt get a photo as he was in a hurry if I see it again I will send it in to you guys,

  • Bfroce

    Please Bring The Pontiac Line Back, I Can’t Believe You Got Rid Of My Pontiac!!!!!!!

  • Jillybn94

    PLEASE PLEASE bring back Pontiac!!!!!!! All Ive driven are pontiac cars and when they decided to not make them anymore my heart was broke!!!!!!

  • bdown

    Look at the Aztec and tell me you wish pontiac was still alive. They were also going to let SLP release a g8 “firehawk”. Better to let the beast die than continue as the abomination it was becoming.

  • Danielvitale

    I had several Pontiac’s and I could say this is one of the best cars I ever had for the price you pay…please bring back Pontiac !!!

  • chris

    please bring back pontaic bcuz today all my class mates and friends were like they wanted this car for there first car or there future car after first car

  • Colum Wood

    Maybe some day. But Pontiac is the last thing GM is thinking about these days.