Porsche 911 Named Most Reliable Sports Car By J.D. Power

Porsche 911 Named Most Reliable Sports Car By J.D. Power

While Italian sports cars get a bad rap for being fickle, nobody has ever accused the Porsche 911 of having major reliability issues, and J.D. Power, publisher of the legendary reliability rankings, seems to confirm that, having named the 911 the most reliable sports car and Porsche as the top German manufacturer.

While some of Porsche’s newer vehicles have been afflicted with engine problems, J.D. Power still gave the brand top marks, likely since its owner survey is based on the opinions of people who forked out good money for their cars. On the other hand, a Canadian study recently showed that 97.4 percent of Porsches from the last 25 years are still on the road, a testament to their longevity and robustness. Only time will tell if a current Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne or 911 will be as resilient.

[Source: Porsche]

  • walt michalski

    I have 00 996 C2 with 40k miles and hope I don’t experience the RMS and IMS problems. My 3rd Porsche since 1967. Some recommendations have been to use different viscosity oil, 6 month oil/filter changes and keep rpms at no lower than 2500. Otherwise I’m not going to make the car a garage queen, worrying about the potential for a major problem and keep on truckin’. Just have to keep an eye on the car more than normal while enjoying it. Of course I agree that Porsche should come through with a monetary answer for the Boxsters and 996s. Some good dialogue here.

  • Ken

    I have an 03 Boxster with 55k miles, my third Porsche, sitting in a shop right now with a shredded engine thanks to the IMS bearing. I love Porsches and always will, I just wish the company was more proactive about such widely known issues. At least issue a bulletin strongly suggesting upgrades to avoid failure!! …anything other than denial.

  • Kent Monroe

    I am the second owner of a 1999 C2 Cabriolet with 143,530 miles on the clock. I purchased my Porsche on EBay back in January 2002 with 63,000 miles and when I had the car checked out at Champion Porsche Dealership in Pompano Beach, Florida they found the RMS was leaking. At that time, Porsche’s campaign was sealing every area that could leak oil. The bottom end is still dry! I think the R&R of the engine RMS was around $3500.

    Just this month, I had the original transmission replaced with a new(er) one, same year/type along with the IMS and new clutch. We believe the under tray on my car covered my transmission was more the cause along with time (heat build-up)and with a few years of DEs, the pinion shaft bearing and LSD started to whine. The R&R of the trans/IMS/clutch was $2500.

    I have no issues with my engine’s performance! In the recent past, I have installed the following bolt-in items: FVD mapping in the ECU (about 5 years ago with no issues), BMC air filter (in stock air box), larger (+1.5mm) throttle-body, RSS plenum, Shnell headers and Tubi mufflers, all combined, give me +30 mpg on the highway and about +18 mpg in the city.

    Here in Gold Coast Region-PCA, I am a modified class champion in Autocross, solo class-Driver’s Ed, and class winner of three Concours de Elegance events hear in South Florida.

    I’m having a great time with this Porsche!!!

  • Bart

    I have a restored 1979 911 SC targa. 32 years old w/ 107,000 miles. Original engine and transmission. No leaks. Runs like a champ.