Porsche 911 To Lose Weight, Use Aluminum Extensively

Porsche 911 To Lose Weight, Use Aluminum Extensively

The next Porsche 911 is expected to shed roughly 100 pounds of weight, thanks to an aluminum intensive chassis that will be shared with the next generation Boxster and Cayman.

The news, courtesy of Motor Trend, seems to suggest that power upgrades won’t be as substantial, with the reduced weight helping to bring the majority of performance gains. With the 911 range already offering ample thrust, the news of a lighter chassis, one that is sure to positively impact all areas of driving dynamics, is promising. A wider track and longer wheelbase should also help improve the car’s handling, making it more stable while also benefiting ride quality.

Fans of the old car will still be able to buy previous generations of the Turbo and GT3 cars, as they have traditionally followed a year behind the standard cars in the product cycle.

[Source: Motor Trend]

  • Nancy

    The 911 shed 100 pounds.For one reason and one reason only. Higher profit.
    They’re giving you less quantity. Which saves them money. Then masking 1oo pound weight lost as some new technology, but they have had for years..it a loss in quality

    The aluminum intensive chassis is by far a cheaper/cheap low level down grade. Ask them which chassis will last longer or in the event of a car crash will it crinkle like a aluminum soda can. Is it safer to drive the new model or better to stick with the old.