Rare Aston Martin AR1 For Sale In Las Vegas

Rare Aston Martin AR1 For Sale In Las Vegas

Back in 2003, before Aston Martin replaced the aging DB7 with the DB9, they prepared two special swan song versions with the help of the Italian coach-builder and design house Zagato.

The two models were the DB7 Zagato coupe, and the DB AR1 Zagato roadster. Both models were built in a limited number of just 99 units. However, while the coupe was never officially sold in North America (although some did eventually make their way across the Atlantic), the roadster was a different story. The AR1, which stands for American Roadster 1, was designed and built specifically for the American market. However, since most of them went to collectors, you hardly see them offered for sale, and surely you are unlikely to come across one sitting at your local used car lot.

But we have found a pristine example at a Las Vegas dealership. It is car no. 53 out of 99 and it looks stunning in its unusual Roman Bronze paint. The tan and beige interior shows no signs of wear and tear, but then this example has covered just 1700 miles.

One word of caution though, this 435-hp, V12 powered machine is strictly an open car. Aston Martin made this as a pure roadster, so there is no roof of any sort to protect you if it suddenly starts to rain. Although, if you can afford a used car worth $249,000 you probably have other cars to drive around on days the weather is looking a bit iffy.

Is this a future classic that has the potential to appreciate? We certainly think so.

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