Reader’s Digest Proclaims Toyota As “Most Trusted Brand”

Reader’s Digest Proclaims Toyota As “Most Trusted Brand”

Not only do they package up stories in handy digest form, they also do brand research. Reader’s Digest has asked Canadians what automaker they trust the most, and they voted Toyota as one of their 2011 “Most Trusted Brands.”

This is the third consecutive year Toyota has scooped the “Most Trusted Passenger Car Brand,” as part of Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands awards program. Toyota also walked away with the “Most Trusted Hybrid Brand” award this year as well.

“We’re honoured that Canadian readers have once again placed their trust in Toyota and have recognized us with these awards,” said Stephen Beatty, Managing Director at Toyota Canada Inc. “We remain committed to providing Canadians with a vehicle that delivers the quality, safety, sustainability and retained value they demand – and we value the endorsement that important awards like this represent.”

If you didn’t take part in the poll, let us know which brand you trust the most when it comes to cars in the comments section below.

[Source: Toyota]

  • Don Perry

    I am an Economist major as a junior in College. Questions:
    1. What is the elasticity of demand of Toyota’s povs (privately owned vehicles) and how is the price influencing customer demand?
    2. Are there any positive or negative impacts with international Trade?
    3. Are there any Government Impacts on the demands of any of your vehicles?

    Thank in advance for your feedback and input.