Renault Le Car Is Rumoured To Be Resurrected, Has Mini And Fiat In Its Sights

Renault Le Car Is Rumoured To Be Resurrected, Has Mini And Fiat In Its Sights

Everything that is old is new again. That is the mantra of pretty much every single major car company. Volkswagen has the Beetle (a newer version of which will be launched later this year), Mini has had the reborn Cooper for awhile now, and Fiat recently introduced the new 500 in the North American market. All these models mimic their predecessors in terms of styling.

If rumors are to be believed, Renault now also wants to jump into the premium hatchback market by bringing a new version of the Le Car. Called the Renault 5 or R5 in other markets, the car was a huge success in Europe, Asia and Africa, while it hardly made an impression in the North American market, despite having a successful racing career around the globe.

If Renault does decide to put a new Le Car into production, it can easily be based on their Clio platform to save money and speed up the process of development. Will this model ever make it to North America? While there are no plans for Renault to make a comeback, the Le Car could be sold through select Nissan dealers, just like Fiat is doing with some Chrysler dealers regarding the 500.

[Source: InsideLine]

  • Ray Finkle

    We had a “Super 5” when we were young… man was that the best car EVER!

    Still doesn’t mean I’d buy one now, I don’t care how shiny and round you make it.

  • Juan Pablo Gonzalez

    That’s pretty bizarre. The Clio *IS* the R5, it just changed its name. I don’t get it.

  • Mark Gosselin

    Ferrari already has given this idea the thumbs up with the new LaFerrari