Ssangyong To Sell Vehicles In The United States By 2016

Ssangyong To Sell Vehicles In The United States By 2016

Is America ready for another strange-sounding offshore nameplate? That answer seems irrelevant in light of Ssangyong’s new plans to introduce their vehicles in America by 2016, with a goal to be in the marketplace by 2013.

Ssangyong has a history of making fairly rugged SUVs that have been sold in global markets. While their previous generation of light trucks benefited from Mercedes-Benz’s engineering expertise, their most recent vehicles, including the Rodius minivan, were considered to be some of the ugliest cars of all time.

Parent company Mahindra hopes that Ssangyong can move 20,000 cars in the United States, but with Mahindra’s failed experiment at importing pickups into the United States still looming in the background, dealers who previously agreed to become Mahindra franchisees are on guard, with one telling Automotive News that he fears the Ssangyong plans may just be a trojan horse for the eventual importation of Mahindra trucks.

  • Jack Bauer

    Some vehicles should never touch U.S. soil including everything made from Ssangyong and their parent company making those hideous pick up trucks that were denied by the United States.

  • Ray Finkle



  • Oleks

    Kyron and Rexton are fully equipped with Mercedes engines and spareparts. Questions is only to Kyron with Automatic transmission. Rexton same quality and class as land cruiser Prado and has transmission from Mercedes. I agree that rodius is shity. But have you ever ride rexton or their sedan senator ?? Sorry to write this but there are still a lot of idiots who will pay for a brand. I ride my Kyron which is far better than most of GM shit for a 5 years and either nissan rogue or x-trail is not a comparison with even in a far perspective.

  • amiensfrance

    While driving in France I saw a unique looking 2 Dr Hardtop SUV driving in front of me. It had nice lines and I began to pass it in order to inspect it better. The Car was silver but I imagined it would look far better in dark Cherry or Black. It had strikingly similar lines to the Mercedes G-20. I continued a few more miles and let it pass me a few minutes later so that I could look at it better. I spotted the name SSangYong Koranda on the rear nameplates. I’d never heard of this company, so when I returned home I Googled it and discovered it won’t be available in the U.S. until 2016. Purportedly, when formally introduced, the cars of this company will do their utmost to underprice their products in order to get a foothold into the market; Something like what KIA and Hyundai did when they first started. I might consider seizing the moment?