Stock Boss 302 Mustang Runs 11.7 Sec. Quarter Mile [Video]

Stock Boss 302 Mustang Runs 11.7 Sec. Quarter Mile [Video]

While Ford‘s Shelby GT500 might be seen as the top performance version of the Mustang, the new Boss 302 looks to surpass it. Sure it’s down over 100-hp, but the naturally aspirated 444-hp machine is a more able partner on the race track. And now, thanks to some independent testing, it’s also proving its worth on the drag strip.

Slapping on a set of drag radials, an unnamed individual too took shiny new Boss 302 to the drag strip and pulled of an incredible 11.72 second time at 117.2 mph. That’s a solid half second faster than some of the stock runs and while the drag tires might be considered cheating (un hungh) this is a Mustang after all.

Don’t believe us though, check out the video after the jump:

[Source: MustangsDaily]

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  • Paron Beeco

    The Ford Mustang BOSS 302 is the best automobile, that Ford ever put into production..I am glad to see it comming back for 2012…Whats Ford Mustang’s plans for the big 50 in 2014? Fofty years of Ford Mustang’s This is awsome, so COOL. I am just going to wait and see whats up for 2014……….

  • Joesabo

    Sure hope car did not end up back on the showroom floor after the test drive

  • Mr302

    What kind of drag radials did he use and what size?