Three-Cylinder Turbo Engines In BMW’s Future

Three-Cylinder Turbo Engines In BMW’s Future

There once was a time, when turbocharged engines translated to big horsepower and big fuel consumption.

The new generation of turbocharged engines are still producing very decent power outputs, but their main concern is to improve fuel-economy, and a company that is  getting the most out of this type of set-up is BMW.

They have thus-far developed twin-turbo V8’s, twin-turbo and twin-scroll (called TwinPower) turbo straight sixes, and TwinPower four-cylinder engines. Now BMW are planning on even smaller turbo engines. According to the latest reports from Bavaria, BMW is developing turbo-charged three-cylinder engines, which will go into upcoming small BMW and Mini models.

These new engines, which are part of BMW’s long-term goal to cut emissions by an additional 25% will start appearing in production vehicles by 2014.

[Source: Motor Authority]

  • sgtmcboom

    Umm is that a little tiny bike chain running to what I see as the oil pump??? So if that chain goes you have to remove the engine in the mini cooper for instance FWD because its behind the flywheel. Wow looks like one more way for BMW mechanics to stay employed.