Toyota FT-86 II Concept Video: First Look at Toyota’s Bold New Sports Car


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When Toyota first debuted the FT-86 Concept it came as a shock. Toyota, a company known more for building reliable appliances than cars enthusiasts can stand behind, had done an about-face; and at just the right time.

With recall woes everywhere, Toyota had plenty of buyers, but few true fans, leaving no one to run to the rescue when things got ugly.

The FT-86 is a car designed to change all that and one that is posed to be the sort of automobile you’ll tell your kids you once owned. A true rear-drive sports car, Toyota has already touted its handling, thanks in part to a Subaru-sourced Boxer 4-cylinder that sits low in the chassis to deliver an impressive center of gravity.

No real details are yet available, but Toyota has said this more aggressive design (and here we thought they were going to get more subtle) is closer to what the production car will look like. Watch the video for more, browse through the gallery below and give us your thoughts. Is Toyota heading in the right direction with this new design? Or was the original FT-86 better?

GALLERY: Toyota FT-86 II Concept


  • Rob

    Its really hard to tell… the black paint doesn’t photograph or video very well….

    I highly doubt it will be that low to the ground…. although I like the slick / smooth curves.

  • khang

    this new design looks very aggressive. i like it alot. waiting and waiting.

  • nicki

    I think its a bold leap in an exciting new direction. I especially approve of the head light design.

  • Jake

    Is this the Celica resurrected??? Quite possibly.

  • Tim

    no, it’s not the celica revived, a lot of people think it is. but the scion tc was a “spiritual successor” to the celica. it’s like a reboot of the Toyota Corolla Levin 86, like the Nissan GT-R is a reboot of the Skyline gt-r. i doubt it’ll be badged a celica or a supra, but i wish they would revive the Supra. but that’s my two cents hahaha

  • J

    There is something unique about the car different from other sports cars in the looks, very nice just wish toyota would put one of there own engines in it and not a subaru, I like subaru just think it would be more special if it was all done by toyota and I hope the performance matches the looks.

  • Sergio

    The design is nice, but the rear headlamps and the leds are ugly. Leds are already old fashion now. I hate when a company copies audi’s idea! Also , toyota has a v6 2.5 from lexus, why cant they use that one???? Or why cant they develop their own engine instead of using Subaru’s?!? They are mad. People who love toyota, will not buy the car because of this! This sucks! But the design is nice. Well done

  • Paul

    Seems the videos don’t work in Firefox 4.