Toyota Gets Ready for North American Slowdown

Toyota Gets Ready for North American Slowdown

Given the aftermath of the horrendous earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, the Japanese economy, not surprisingly has been struggling to stay on track.

For Japanese automakers, the situation has proved particularly problematic, even for their overseas operations as ongoing problems at home affect the global supply chain. Toyota has warned that production of vehicles in the US and Canada could be affected because  supplies of some parts from Japan are running low.

In fact, the company issued an internal memo to employees declaring “our supply line has reached a point where it is clear we will incur some non-production time.” Though the actual amount of this ‘non-production’ time still remains uncertain.

Having said that, the company is also assuring both its North American employees and retailers that it had reopened parts facilities in Japan and was doing everything it could to make sure vehicles were available to customers.

[Source: Automotive News]