Toyota Recalls Trucks over Tire Pressure Monitoring System Issues

Toyota Recalls Trucks over Tire Pressure Monitoring System Issues

Yet another recall has been announced by Toyota, this time regarding the Tire Pressure Monitoring System found on some of the automaker’s trucks and SUVs.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 22,000 examples of 2008-2011 FJ Cruisers, Land Cruisers, Tacomas, Sequoias and Tundras, failed to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #138 (TPMS). Apparently the affected vehicles had tire pressure monitoring systems that weren’t ┬ácalibrated correctly and did not illuminate a low pressure signal at the required minimum tire pressure.

As with many of these recalls, NHTSA believes the problem could lead to drivers piloting their vehicles with under inflated tires, potential causing blowouts and resulting in accidents.

Toyota has instructed its dealers to re-initialize the TPMS system on the affected vehicles free of charge, though at the time of our post had yet to confirm a start date for the recall. Concerned owners of the affected vehicles can contact Toyota at 1-800 331 4331 or the NHTSA safety Hotline at 1-800 337 4236 for updates. Alternatively if you prefer doing things online, more info can be found by clicking on the link below.

  • Ron Eves

    Toyota is still learning the hard price for poorly built vehicles. What has transpired was on a grand mal scale and no the consumer is not wrong.

    I must say that I enjoyed the recent Hyundai commercial of sheep driving old Toyota cars.

    Toyota to survive is a fiercely competitive must stop focusing on numbers and return to the quality based company they once were.