Track Driving Only Please, Ferrari FXX On Sale

Track Driving Only Please, Ferrari FXX On Sale

Back in 2006, Ferrari introduced a whole new way for the rich to be separated from some of their cash, by building a track only version of the Enzo supercar. This new car was called the FXX and while initially only 29 were to be made, by the time production ended, 38 were built.

Now one of these $2-million track day specials is up for sale, and while it currently sits in Italy at Ferrari’s Corse Clienti department, the owner of this car (chassis no. 146359) is from Toronto, Canada.

According to this cars history, the owner Lorne Leibel drove the FXX in every single Corse Clienti event held around the world and will give its new owner a heart-stopping ride in the next event at Infineon Raceway in May.

This particular example was also given the Evo upgrade package which raised the power to 860 hp. To date it has covered 5000 kms (3105-miles) and while no sale price has been given, you can bet it’ll be worth more than most peoples houses.

{Source: Ferrari’s Online]