Video Surfaces of Hinson Motorsports’ 230-MPH Corvette Crash

Video Surfaces of Hinson Motorsports’ 230-MPH Corvette Crash

There’s risks when you take your vehicle to tackle land speed records at the Texas Mile. Hinson Motorsports’ Chevrolet Corvette Z06 experienced everyone’s biggest fear when the vehicle flipped going an astonishing 230-mph. Luckily the driver didn’t sustain any major injuries, a huge testament to Hinson Motorsports in focusing on safety as much as performance.

Unfortunately, cars speeding beyond 200-mph is a little commonplace out at the Texas Mile, so not a lot of cameras were shining on the Corvette when the incident happened. One video did surface, and is available after the break, that shows the Corvette Z06 zooming along before it rolls over and landing back on its four wheels. We’ll just keep to our boring, mundane commuter cars after watching this video, thanks.

[Source: Autoblog]

GALLERY: Hinson Motorsports’ 230-mph Corvette Crash

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  • Lucas 00157

    o CORVETTE é o carro mais rapido do mundo e quebrou o dodge viper venom 1000por que o CORVETTE tem 1700.