Volkswagen Bulli Microbus Concept Headed to Production

Volkswagen Bulli Microbus Concept Headed to Production

Remember the retro-tastic Bulli from Geneva? If not, then this link should refresh your memory. Well, Volkswagen research and development boss Ulrich Hackenberg says it wasn’t just a snazzy show concept—the company plans to put it into production, under the MDS (modular design system) platform.

The platform, previously known as the MQB, will enter production next year with the third-generation Audi A3; yet after that it will spread like pollen to a whole host of new Volkswagen products, including the Bulli, which will be sold as the Microbus.

And for American fans of the original VW van, the Microbus will be built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or probably Mexico—where it will go up against the Scion xB as an uncharacterizable tall wagon/crossover sort of deal. Luckily for VW, the Microbus already has a rabid fanbase cultivated over 60 years, because you can’t put a price on nostalgia (without horrendous dealer markup, anyway).

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[Source: Autocar]


    Bulli realy makes sense on todays market. I am not sure electric version wouls suit everybody, I would prefer diesel. Two three seat benches will make flexible division between passanger and cargo for an avarage family, or small bussines application. The fun aspect with removable roof sheets will allow for fun on any sunny day, not just vacation. Size ia perfect. Two wider bences save costs and make for 6 passangers when needed. It’s perectly compact, practical and looks to save money at the same tine. Buyer’s wehicle, finaly. well done!