2012 GMC Terrain to Get High-Tech Upgrades

2012 GMC Terrain to Get High-Tech Upgrades

A solid performer for GM, the GMC Terrain is poised to step up its game in the compact crossover segment with a host of new high-tech gadgets.

First among the list of additions is a new infotainment system that will include a touch-screen and integrate systems like smartphone connectivity and Bluetooth and will also allow for hands-free control. The new telematics system is likely to be called GMC MyLink.

But the technology download doesn’t stop on there, the the Terrain set to get several impressive safety features, such as a blind spot alert system, a collision avoidance system and a lane departure system.

What isn’t clear is if the Terrain’s sister car, the Chevy Equinox, will also get these updates as well.

[Source GMI]

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  • DAN

    I think making the advanced safety features available is great. Too many times the high tech safety options are only available in high-end vehicles and many times they are bundled in a high price option package.
    Now the insurance companies have to start to recognize that these high tech safety options do help to save lives and lessen accidents, by lowerering auto premiums.
    Too many times the insurance companies have a long wait and see attitude toward new safety options before they actually lowere a premium.
    I’ve talked to auto insurance company reps. over the phone while pricing premiums for a new vehicle. Many times when I listed the new vehicles safety features the rep. didn’t have any idea what they were or what they did.

  • DAN

    One thing I don’t understand is why “All” new vehicles don’t come with signaling side mirrors, at the least as an option. The same goes for HID, self leveling headlights and fog lights, also a rear fog light incorporated into the tailight system like Volvo’s, and Audi’s do.
    These are all significant safety features that should at least made available in a lighting option package for every vehicle not just vehicles in the $45,000 +++++++ price range.

  • bob perrin

    i ordered a 2012 terrain it did not come with the new safety features, i refused it at dealer ship,those features is why iordered it or i would have bougth a 2011.