2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Averages 44-MPG, Priced from $24,050 [New York 2011]

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Averages 44-MPG, Priced from $24,050 [New York 2011]

The 2012 Civic Hybrid will have the honor of being the second most fuel efficient vehicle on the market, delivering 44 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway. While not quite as fuel efficient as the Toyota Prius, the numbers are still excellent, especially considering that Honda‘s hybrid technology is a few steps behind Toyota’s.

Visually, the Civic Hybrid gets its own front grill, headlights, LED taillights, wheels and side mirrors, ostensibly in the name of improving fuel economy via aerodynamics. Lithium-ion batteries also replace the previous generations nickel-metal hydride units, with power coming from a larger 1.5L 4-cylinder engine and a hybrid motor making 27 horsepower. Combined power is 110 -hp at 5500 rpm 127 lb-ft at 1000-3500 rpm.

Like most hybrids, an information screen is present to alert the driver to fuel economy information and other relevant facts. Called i-MID it’s part of Honda’s new telematics system (similar to Ford’s MyFord Touch). Lather and navigation are optional, while a 160-watt sound system and Bluetooth is standard.

Pricing for the Civic Hybrid starts at $24,050. Unveiled today at the New York Auto Show, see live photos from the reveal here.

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