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 |  Apr 27 2011, 11:05 PM

So the new Ford Taurus was only introduced last year. Why, then, did Ford refresh it for 2013 at the New York Auto Show—why go through all that effort now? Because, according to Ford head design honcho J Mays, the new front end is supposed to showcase Ford’s new global look, and the Mondeo and Falcon are gonna nab a piece of it.

Yes, for once the Ford global look sets its standards from America, not Europe or Australia. The new corporate look, said Mays, will still allow these three diverse sedans to retain their own character. The design elements can be altered to create subtle or aggressive looks across a model range. And the trapezoid grille was influenced by those from Audi—where J Mays used to hang his hat.

[Source: GoAuto]

  • matt

    Why Ford did not fire this J.Mays. If Ford is going to keep copying Audi and VW why would you keep paying a third party(Jmays)

  • Daniel

    There’s an almost blatant Audi influence on this car