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 |  Apr 01 2011, 12:31 PM

After stuffing horsepower into the respective wazoos of S and RS models, Audi’s latest product shares nothing in common: it doesn’t even have an engine, and two less wheels.

Audi America has teamed up with Renovo Hardwood Bicycles to build the duo series, with a monocoque one-piece frame handcrafted from wood. Renovo, the only hardwood bicycle manufacturer in the world, claims that a wood-framed bicycle is one-fourth the weight of aluminum, and that well-crafted hardwood is just as durable as solid metal—and if the bicycle ever ends up in a landfill the wood is recyclable and biodegradable, in case riding a bicycle just wasn’t environmentally friendly enough.

Other features that the duo carries are a belt drive instead of the usual chain, aluminum and carbon fiber components, front and rear disk brakes, and in true Audi fashion, LED lighting. The wood frames are also matched to the finish of Audi interiors.

The duo line comes in three models: City, an upright model for all-weather commuting; Sport, a long-distance tourer with Shimano internal hubs; and Road, a narrow-tired performance bike. They’re priced with the air of precision German exclusivity, as well: approximately $6,000-$7500 across the range.