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 |  Apr 18 2011, 3:50 PM

While the British Royal Family are known for their patronage of British cars (with the Queen favoring Land Rovers and Prince Charles being a notable Aston Martin owner), Audis have been making an appearance in the  family’s fleet over the last decade, and the Daily Mail reports that the company offers some very favorable terms to the Royal Family to help sway their car purchases.

As valued customers, the House of Windsor is given a 60 percent discount off the sticker price, and their cars are personally delivered. While Prince Charles favors an A8 and an A6 Allroad station wagon, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton both drive A3 hatchbacks. Prince William seems to drive the most exciting car of the bunch, a dark grey S4 with the previous generation 4.2L V8.

While giving the cars away for free would undoubtedly raise concerns about bribery and other unsavoury tactics, the steep discounts offered help sidestep those questions will giving Audi excellent exposure. With the upcoming royal wedding, and Kate Middleton’s status as a style icon, Audi seems to be making some solid moves to get their brand associated with the “right” crowd as they try and take on blue chip German brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW.\

[Source: Daily Mail]