BMW Tops 5 Million ‘Likes’ on Facebook; Retains Strong Lead on Rivals

BMW Tops 5 Million ‘Likes’ on Facebook; Retains Strong Lead on Rivals

There are approximately 500 million people on Facebook. And now, the marketing division at BMW can rest soundly knowing that 1% of them are BMW aficionados.

One percent may not seem like much, but given the number of people on Facebook, that’s still 5 million people. And it’s the most popular automotive brand on Facebook, with a last count of 5,054,560 “likes.” The next closest brand is Audi, at a tick over 3 million fans, and Mercedes-Benz at 2 million, which surely goes to show that the hoi polloi of Facebook view these luxury German brands as aspirational vehicles—or at least they dream big.

The official BMW Facebook page features historical photos, videos, links to national fan pages, and the occasional political rant or spam posting, but also the occasional fan adulation, as one member posted to eerily poetic effect: “if God doesn’t drive BMW, then why is the sky blue and white?”

Hit the jump to see the Top 10 most liked automotive brands:

1. BMW – 5,054,560

2. Audi – 3,047,249

3. Mercedes-Benz – 2,719,476

4. Porsche – 1,455,244

5. Jeep – 1,072,474

6. Honda – 950, 866

7. MINI – 810,028

8. Volkswagen – 719,209

9. Aston Martin – 674,050

10. Ford – 596,371