Bristol Cars Is Back In Business, Under Swiss Ownership Now

Bristol Cars Is Back In Business, Under Swiss Ownership Now

For many car enthusiasts, reports of Bristol Motor Cars filing for Chapter 11 earliar this year was very sad news indeed. Now its time for fans of this British marque to rejoice as the company has just been saved and brought back to life.

The new owners are Kamkorp Autokraft, a Swiss company that is part of the Frazer-Nash group.

Frazer-Nash had in recent years shown an all-electric sportscar called the Namir. Could the next Bristol models get motivation from green energy!

“Over the next few months we will start to reveal the details of our plans to combine Bristol Cars’ tradition and iconic marque with Frazer-Nash’s pioneering technology to showcase our cutting-edge electric and range-extended powertrains,” said William Chia, the group’s director of operations.

Chia also assured current Bristol owners that service and parts for their existing cars will not be disrupted and they are committed to fulfilling their needs. No word yet of the fate of Bristol workers who were let go when the company went into administration.

[Source: Pistonheads]

  • Edward

    It is worth pointing out that the Swiss company, Kamkorp Autokraft, is part of the Frazer Nash group, a company headquartered in Surrey. As the parent company is British, I would question that Bristol is now Swiss owned.

  • Geoff

    Lets get it right – Kamkorp Autokraft Ltd is a British Registered Company, no. 03583953, with registered offices in Surrey. It is owned by Kamkorp Ltd,no. 02498266 again registered in Surrey. Frazer Nash is owned by Kamkorp Ltd. So the group is Kamkorp. All public domain information. Sorry to be pedantic. Where did the Swiss connection come from ?