Burn More Than Rubber on the 1939 Dodge Pickup BBQ

Burn More Than Rubber on the 1939 Dodge Pickup BBQ

Summer is right around the corner and you can almost smell all those burgers you’re going to be cooking up on the grill. Now, imagine how much better they’d taste after being cooked on the Hot Rod Grill.

This masterpiece, crafted from the front end of a 1939 Dodge Pickup by Willie Elder from Greeley, Colorado, gives a whole to meaning to smoking hot ride. After using car parts to make toy boxes and couches, Elder decided it would be an awesome idea to make a homemade barbecue from a rust-coated truck he bought online. The super-cool BBQ features a hood that lifts up (thanks to a remote control) that offers shade while grilling or protection for the grill when not in use.

The stainless steel grilling area looks like an engine block, and the BBQ also features valve covers, exhaust manifolds, spark plugs and a water pump. These parts came from other cars Elder had kicking around: the pump came from a ’65 Mustang, the plugs from a ’49 Studebaker and the manifolds from a ’70 Bronco.

And this barbeque came in at a reasonable price of about $900 – not too shabby. And now, Elder is planning to add on some pretty sweet extras, like a radio, an ice chest and a trailer hitch.

[Source: Born Rich]