Cadillac to Copy Ford With Buttonless Center Stacks

Cadillac to Copy Ford With Buttonless Center Stacks

Starting in 2013 Cadillac will begin to dramatically change the interior of its cars, switching away from conventional controls to a new center stack nearly devoid of buttons, knobs and switches.

According to a report by GMInsideNews, Chicago-based Methode Electronics, Inc., which supplies the MyFord Touch units for new models like the 2011 Ford Edge, has also signed-on to deliver a similar product to Cadillac.

Using the company’s next-generation technology, the Caddy dash of the future will use Methode’s TouchSensor and TouchCell technology and when the car is off will go completely black.

The system is first set to appear in the 2013 Cadllac SRX, and will then be found in the ATS compact sedan, as well as Cadillac’s new XTS flagship.

A similar system is also tipped to find its way into the rest of the GM lineup in the future.

[Source: GMI]