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 |  Apr 04 2011, 10:11 PM

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Not all Ferraris can be bought as an investment. Exhibit one: the 550 Maranello. Costing over $200,000 when new, this 1997 model year car is currently listed at $79,500 on eBay – and it’s hardly your run-of-the-mill F-Car.

No, this Ferrari was owned by none other than the man of the hour, Charlie Sheen. It’s no longer in his possession, however, with the current owner claiming the 485-hp Italian exotic was sold by Sheen to pay for his wedding to Denise Richards.

Along with the original equipment, the owner claims the car comes with a $12,500 wheel and tire upgrade and even comes with matching luggage. With a ‘buy it now’ price of $79,500 the current bid is just under $55,000.

Painted in a titanium silver, it comes with a red leather interior and has 25,725 miles on the odometer. But there’s more. If your opinion of Sheen has sunk somewhat as of late, we have a little bit of news that might help him earn back just a little respect. The car is a six-speed manual.

Interested? Place your bid here.

GALLERY: Charlie Sheen’s Ferrari 550 Maranello

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